What You Can Expect With our Single-Day Tour

What is it really like to join us for an unforgettable single-day tour around the most scenic parts of the Rockies?

In this teaser preview, we want to show you how much fun you can have in one day, and highlight some of the sweet spots from the tour. Then we’ll mention a few other tours and services we offer.

A Fantastic Single-Day Tour with Accelerate Adventures

Many of our rider clients only have time for a single-day riding excursion but want to get the best bang for their buck. That’s why this tour option is so popular because it lets you see everything from Aspen Ridge to Mushroom Gulch without dedicating several days to it.

On this trip, we can tailor it to fit any riding preferences whether you prefer smooth dirt riding or challenging yourself with the steeper OHV trails. This tour gives plenty of flexibility to explore the most scenic landscapes as either a beginner or a riding pro.

The standard rate is $200 per person, but ask us about group discounts.

Our Favorite Tour Highlights

  • Aspen Ridge Trail – If you enjoy a full immersion into a gorgeous terrain of evergreen aspens, then you have to check out Aspen Ridge Trail. It’s one of the most popular spots among our motorsports clients.
  • Triad Ridge & Dudbobs Single Track (for Experts) – These are the more advanced tracks because the elevation becomes significantly steeper. The Triad Ridge track is a fun spot to stop for 6.3 miles of exhilarating cruising.
  • There is also an array of other trails intertwined within the Pike & San Isabel National Forests. These offer the chance to explore diverse trail terrains and riding conditions.

Finally, the tour package includes expert tour guidance, lunch, and plenty of opportunities to stop for picture taking.

Other Tours & Services from Accelerate Adventures

Don’t forget that we also offer numerous multi-day tours for vacation riders who want to take the experience even further. You can join us for up to seven days with our extended Colorado backcountry discovery route.

Do you need some riding equipment for the trip?

Then head over to our rental or supply stores to pick up an array of motorcycle selections. We also do lots of service work at our Motor Works Shop if you need an oil change or tune-up before joining a tour.

If you’re ready to spend a day conquering the Rockies, then visit us soon at Accelerate Adventures in Buena Vista, CO. We’re the best place for exciting motorsports tours, motorsports parts, and repair service. Contact us anytime to learn more at (719) 395-8115.