Fun Facts About the Rocky Mountains

If you’ve never been to the exquisite and scenic Rocky Mountains, then we encourage you to make a road trip out here at least once in your life.

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Accelerate Adventures offers exhilarating ways to get around the Colorado Rockies on one of our guided/unguided riding adventures. Before we get into ways to ride around historic Colorado, we’d like to show you a few fun facts about the Rocky Mountain region.

Fun Facts About the Rocky Mountains

  • Rocky Mountain National Park has over 70 mountains exceeding 12,000 feet high. It also puts you at a gorgeous spot along the Continental Divide, overlooking such sites as Grand Lake, Estes Park, and many other must-see locations.
  • Trail Ridge Road, built in 1932, has been described as the “scenic wonder road of the world.” It spans more than 12,000 feet, making it the longest continuous highway (paved) in the U.S.
  • Most of Rocky Mountain National Park is wilderness: about one-quarter of a million acres worth. It features almost limitless miles of forests, tundra, alpine peaks, and meadows.
  • The Rocky Mountain Museum holds over 30,000 cultural artifacts and objects. This gives you the chance to investigate all sorts of biological specimens, geological specimens, and ancient artworks. Besides this museum location, you can find other gold-panning and historical centers across the Rockies, some of which we cover on our 2-Day Mining Museum and Ghost Tour Ride.
  • Rocky Mountain is also home to more than 60 mammal species, 280 bird species, six amphibians, 11 species of fish, and a slew of insect varieties. 

Take a Riding Tour with us to Historic Mountain Towns

You can experience all of this whenever you join us for a 3-Day Historic Mountain Tour Ride, covering about 13 hours of riding and site seeing. The tour begins in Buena Vista, before heading to Marble, then Aspen, and finally back to Buena Vista.

We rate the riding difficulty as “medium,” and there’s plenty to see at highlight spots such as Kebler Pass. This tour is only available from the summer through October.

We hope this sounds like an amazing get-away road trip, and that you’ll let Accelerate Adventures facilitate the fun. Our tour guides also offer numerous single-day and even week-long adventures. You can call us anytime to learn more about them at (719) 395-8115.