Some Ghost Towns You Could See During Our 7-Day Backcountry Tour

It may surprise you to learn of the significant volume of ghost towns scattered across the Colorado Rocky Mountain area. In our last post, where we discussed the Animas Forks abandoned community, we touched on it a little, but that only scrapes the surface.

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Colorado is home to about 1,500 ghost towns altogether.

Many of these, like Animas Forks, has been deserted for over 100 years after the mining boom subsided. Nevertheless, there’s a rich history behind many of them, which we’d like to explore in this preview of what to expect when you join us for a seven-day riding tour.

Spectacular Ghost Town Exhibits You Might Encounter . . . 

  1. St. Elmo (Near Lake City, CO)
    • This is one of the clearest examples of a classic ghost town. Many abandoned towns, cities, and villages across America leave no traceable remnants. St. Elmo, on the contrary, looks like something you’d find a western movie set. It features a saloon, stores, homes, and even a jail in one of the region’s best-preserved historical ghost towns.
  2. Animas Forks (Near Silverton, CO)
    • We highlighted this example recently as what happened in several places following the cessation of mining operations. The once active and industrious population eventually migrated over to Silverton. Now, you can get to this ghost town, which still has several tour-worthy structures, via the Alpine Loop.
  3. Climax (Near Leadville, CO)
    • The summit of Fremont Pass is called “Climax,” and was once the highest inhabited community in the United States. The old physical structures moved to Leadville (which you can visit with us), and it’s possible to check out the old mining-oriented location as well.
  4. Ohio City (Near Pitkin, CO)
    • They classify this area as a “semi-ghost town” because there are a few folks still living there. It’s a unique community that was founded for gold mining, became subsequently abandoned, then re-established again for silver mining, and finally jettisoned for good by the early 20th century.

Visit Sites Like These on a 7-Day Colorado Backcountry Tour

These are just a handful of amusing ghost town curiosities you can explore when you accompany us for a 7-Day Colorado Backcountry Tour. This longer adventure allows you to take your time viewing lots of two-mile-high places around Tincup, Cumberland Pass, and even a former Ute Indian Trail. There’s so much to see on one of North America’s most highly regarded motorcycle routes.

If seven days of riding is more than you can handle right now, don’t sweat it. Accelerate Adventures offers numerous other riding opportunities of various durations, even single-day excursions. You can learn more about everything we offer, including where to find motorcycle parts and service, by contacting us anytime at (719) 395-8115.