Inside Look at the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R Rental

As you know, Accelerate Adventures is the best place in Colorado to rent new/used motorcycles. One of our favorites is the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R, which you can get for a solid rate, whenever you reserve one for three days or more. We’ll show you how that offer works, but first, let’s see why it’s such a popular bike for serious motorcyclists.

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Here are the highlights for the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R. This one weighs about 432 pounds, and comes with a top-notch, 5-inch color TFT display, effective LED lights for night riding, and many other great features.

  • Engine Power
    • The 2022 version, which you can find on our rental page, underwent a major engine overhaul. Its new configuration makes it far better for energy consumption along with greater power and torque. Plus, its six-speed gearbox allows for superior riding versatility, thanks to the Quickshifter+ technology. That gives the driver the chance to make clutchless shifts in either direction.
  • Riding Comfort
    • Both the seats and the grip bar hit the sweet spot for firmness and control without being uncomfortable. The KTM 890’s handlebar also includes six different adjustments, making it compatible with riders of any height or arm length. It even has removable rubber inserts for the foot pegs for added comfort during normal street riding.
  • Electronic Components
    • The KTM 890 also has more than sufficient ABS braking for any off-roading purposes. This goes along with advanced Motorcycle Traction Control, cornering ABS, and other rider aids designed to help cope with changing conditions.
  • Other Features
    • This model also includes an array of terrific chassis equipment, including an open-lattice swing arm, stabilizing steering damper, WP suspension, triple clamps, and more. These do a fine job of cultivating rider comfort and stability without overloading the bike’s framework. Hence, making this a pretty versatile on/off-road motorcycle.

Check out This and Other Top Models at Accelerate Adventures in Buena Vista

You can explore everything the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R offers whenever you check us out at Accelerate Adventures. This is a wonderful option for riders who join us on our single/multiple-day riding tours.

It rents for $250 per day, but if you go for three days or more, it only costs $220 per day. That’s our way of encouraging you to enjoy it even longer when you tour the scenic Colorado Rocky Mountain region.

Finally, if you need help with new parts, equipment repairs, or a host of other effective services, then visit Accelerate Adventures soon! We’re that reliable bike shop you’ll want to hit before taking your KTM 890 ADVENTURE R onto the road for miles of fun. Contact us anytime to learn more about parts, rentals, and repair services by calling (719) 395-8115.